Leaders seize and embrace new opportunities. Some are born leaders but most leaders are developed. Leaders come in many shapes and sizes and leadership is accessible by all people. At NSCS, we pride ourselves on helping to develop today’s (and tomorrow’s) leaders.

Through collaboration and problem-solving exercises with other members (peers) to volunteering through NSCS Chapters to internship and mentorship opportunities accessible through NSCS programs, we have a long-standing and nationally respected reputation for developing student leaders and providing opportunities to lead.

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Additional Information on NSCS Student Leadership Opportunities


What are the Three Pillars?

The Three Pillars are the three principles upon which NSCS is built. They are Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Leadership is the second pillar because at NSCS, we believe one of the most important things for students to learn is how to be good leaders. Students who graduate from college with leadership experience are able to get a head start in the workforce. They're better able to communicate with others, work as a team, and inspire with their words and actions.

Because Leadership is one of the Three Pillars, NSCS offers multiple opportunities for members to serve as leaders and develop leadership skills.

What leadership opportunities exist at the chapter level?

Every NSCS chapter has a need for leaders. There are student chapter presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, and so forth. Getting involved in chapter leadership is a great way to get to know other students and also spread the word about NSCS on college campuses.

It's a common misconception that you already need to be a great leader to take on one of these roles. It's perfectly okay if you are still fine-tuning your leadership skills and learning how to better lead. Most members are! Throughout your time in chapter leadership, you'll have lots of opportunities to work on your weak points and further strengthen your strong points.

What leadership opportunities exist in the local communities?

NSCS also gives students opportunities to serve as leaders in community service projects. Actually, through these roles, you get to address the pillars of Service and Leadership.

Every chapter is involved with different charities and volunteer groups. Some chapters work with the local YMCA. Others coordinate with local high schools and middle schools to offer mentoring and tutoring services. Through any of these programs, you get a chance to improve your own leadership skills while also giving back to the community.

What is National Leadership Council?

National Leadership Council is something we are very proud to have developed at NSCS. It is a student advisory board that informs and advises the NSCS Board of Directors. Students on this council are able to weigh in on issues that directly affect current and future members.

Students are selected for the National Leadership Council based on their academic performance, involvement in the community, and previous leadership experience. Many chapter leaders go on to serve on the council. Members serve from May until June. They attend two meetings over the summer and often get to travel to other chapters. Involvement in National Leadership Council is an excellent experience to add to your resume.

Are there any scholarships available to those who demonstrate good leadership?

Yes. Leadership abilities and experience are considered when it comes time to award most NSCS scholarships. 

The NLC Award is an NSCS scholarship given specifically to students who demonstrate great leadership abilities. This award is given out by the National Leadership Council. Each year, it is presented to two students who share the NLC's passion for teamwork and excellence. Each winner is given an award of $1,500. Any NSCS member with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can apply. 


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