When you join NSCS, you gain special access to scholarships.

As you know, gaining access to scholarship funds is very competitive. At NSCS, we have scholarships dedicated for our members - only. NSCS offers more than $500,000 in scholarship dollars annually. This is more than any other honor society like NSCS. We offer 26 different national scholarship opportunities, exclusively to NSCS members. Plus… each NSCS Chapter has additional scholarship opportunities for you to access. 

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Additional Info on NSCS Scholarship Opportunities


Are NSCS Scholarships available to members at all levels?

Yes. NSCS offers $500,000 in members-only scholarships to members, and eligibility is not dependent on membership level. You may join as a Regular, Premium, or Premium Plus member and have the same access to these scholarships.

We do recommend looking into the Premium and Premium Plus membership tiers for other scholarship benefits, though. Premium and Premium Plus members get access to The Hub Plus, which lists more than $100 million in additional, outside scholarships. With these higher tiers of membership, you also gain access to on Cappfinity VEE career assessment platform and various mentorship programs. 

Who can apply for NSCS scholarships?

NSCS scholarships are only available to current NSCS members. So, you will be competing against a smaller pool of applicants than for most other scholarships. Some of these scholarships are open to any NSCS member in good standing. Others are designed for members in certain fields or demographics. 

For example, we offer a First in the Family Scholarship that is specifically for members who will be the first in their families to complete a college degree. We also offer a LatinX Student of the Year: Changemaker Award to LatinX students who demonstrate leadership on their college campuses.

All scholarships, however, can be used in any program or major.

Can NSCS help with scholarship applications?

Yes! There are several ways in which NSCS can help members with scholarship applications, both for NSCS and outside scholarships. With any level of membership, you qualify for a professional scholarship essay review. This review should give you good feedback that you can use to improve future scholarship essays, too.

Students who join as Premium or Premium Plus members are eligible for not one, but three (in total) scholarship essay reviews. If you are applying for three different types of scholarships with different requirements, this gives you a chance to get feedback on all of your application materials.

Of course, we also recommend networking with other, older students who have applied for the scholarships you're interested in. They can give you feedback and encouragement throughout the application process.

Do you need a specific GPA to qualify for NSCS scholarships?

NSCS member-exclusive scholarships require you to have a 3.0 GPA to apply. If you are struggling to keep your GPA up, we recommend seeking tutoring or mentorship this semester, and then revisiting your scholarship opportunities next semester, after your GPA has improved.

Keep in mind that although we have a GPA requirement, scholarships are not awarded based on GPA only. We select scholarship recipients based on their commitment to academics, leadership, and service.

Does NSCS offer any study abroad scholarships?

Studying abroad can be expensive, and NSCS is proud to offer several scholarships to help members afford this life-changing experience. 

The first is our Scholar Abroad Spring Scholarship. We award two of these scholarships to students who plan to study abroad either during the spring or summer semester. Each scholarship is worth $2,500. Previous recipients of our Scholar Abroad Spring Scholarship have gained vast international and cultural knowledge that has really helped drive their careers.

We also offer two (2) $2,500 Scholar Abroad Fall Scholarships to members who study abroad in the fall semester. 

Additionally, you may want to consider the NSCS Semester at Sea Award. This award grants two NSCS members $10,000 each — and four additional members $5,000 each — to spend a semester at sea with the Institute for Shipboard Education. This is a bit different from studying abroad, but a really fun and unique opportunity to travel and learn.

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