Chapter Officers
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Want to make the most out of your NSCS membership? 

Become an officer today!

Here are the top reasons to become an NSCS officer:

  • Gain real-world, hands-on experience that will boost your resume and give you more substance for scholarship application essays, internship applications, and job applications
  • Develop yourself personally and professionally connect and network with members on campus and in your community
  • Develop and strengthen communication skills
  • Access the exclusive officers-only group on scholar central
  • Make an impact on campus and in your community
  • Create long-lasting friendships
  • Open doors to new and exciting opportunities

Chapter President

Manages local chapter operations; Communicates with members, officers, and national office about chapter activities and needs. Sets goals for the chapter. Follows up with officers about deadlines and keeps advisor and Chapter Operations Manager in the loop. Plans the officer and general body meetings each month.

Executive Vice President

Takes the lead with advisor relations and makes sure the faculty advisor is informed about chapter activities. Assists with planning the chapter’s Induction Ceremony. Second in command to the Chapter President and stands in their place if they are absent. Helps with communications between officers, advisor, and members.

Vice President, Community Service

Plans at least 2 community service activities each semester. Ensures that at least 1 other officer can attend each event with them and then invites all members to RSVP and attend. This is an open-ended thing where you can either volunteer only with NSCS members or collaborate with other organizations on campus or in your community.

VP, Public Relations and Recruitment

Gets the NSCS name and image out there on campus. Works with the VP of Social Media on promotional materials that focus on recruitment. Possible activities may include: Putting up flyers on campus, talking to freshmen/sophomore classes about NSCS, planning tabling activities, networking with other campus organizations, etc.


Takes detailed notes during meetings and communicates notes with members and officers after the meeting in a timely manner and keeps track of the Star Status Form to make sure everything gets completed on time.


Keeps track of chapter finances and communicates those with officers. Makes chapter funds requests. May also help plan and promote fundraising initiatives.

Professional Development Chair

Helps connect members with professional development opportunities available online through NSCS, through their campus community, and more.

To apply for an NSCS chapter leadership position, please complete the form below. Not all positions are available at every chapter and not all chapters are in need of additional leaders. Please select any and all leadership roles you'd like to apply for. You will be notified via email if your application has been selected.

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