What Do NSCS Leaders Do?

Chapter President

Manages local chapter operations. Ensures that the chapter is in good standing with their school. Serves as a liaison between the local chapter leadership team, their NSCS advisor, and their NSCS national representation. Communicates with members about NSCS activities via email and on the Scholar Central platform.

Executive Vice President

Assists with promoting national programming and welcoming new members into their chapter. Second in command to the Chapter President and stands in their place in their absence.

Vice President, Community Service

Leads philanthropic action through planning and collaboration with organizations like Active Minds.

VP, Public Relations and Recruitment

Serves as an NSCS ambassador and puts strategies in place to increase awareness about the honor society.


Shares results from NSCS activities with the national office by completing Activity Reports. Answers member questions on the chapter’s Scholar Central group page. 

Professional Development Chair

Connects members with professional development opportunities available online through NSCS or through their campus community.


Explores funding opportunities available to student organizations through their educational institution. Promotes fundraising initiatives.

UCM Star Status
University of San Diego
Richland 3-1