It’s a relationship that can help you now and throughout your career.

All great leaders (no matter the field of interest or study) have benefited through mentor/mentee relationships. At NSCS, through our over 1 million members, we have the ability to find the mentor you need now and mentors you may need throughout every pivotal stage of your career. Sometimes that’s the same mentor or it could be several mentors to help you navigate your career when you need it most.

When you’re at a stage in your life or career where you’re ready to give back, you’ll also have great opportunities as an NSCS Alumni Member to do just that… give back to help other members reach their goals and find new areas of success.

NSCS is a lifetime relationship, designed to equip you with the resources, connections, training needed to help you navigate your academic and beyond stages of life. Through our mentorship programs, we have been able to foster meaningful relationships between members which are mutually rewarding and beneficial.

NSCS provides

  • A vibrant community of high-achieving students from all walks of life, nationwide
  • Students who have all made the choice to prioritize their studies in preparation for a brighter future
  • Exclusive access to resources, training, discounts, and more that will set you apart from the rest

When you need a resource to help guide you in your journey to success, NSCS Opens Doors to Mentorships. 

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Additional Information On NSCS Mentorship Programs


What are the benefits of college mentorship?

Mentorship has a number of benefits for college students. A mentor is someone students can turn to for guidance in choosing classes, applying for internships, and forging a career path. Mentors also help students begin to network. Your mentor can introduce you to others in your field who can provide job opportunities and recommendations. 

Working with a mentor can also help build your self-confidence. Your mentor can reassure you that you are taking the right steps towards your career. This reassurance is important since college isn't always easy — even for the brightest of students.

Who are NSCS mentors?

Most NSCS mentors are former NSCS members. They had a good experience with NSCS themselves, and they chose to remain involved in the organization as NSCS Alumni Members. Because most of our mentors have had similar college and NSCS experiences to you, they can relate to students and give actionable, realistic advice.

Some NSCS mentors are college professors and administrators. Others are professionals who have a passion for helping students enter their field. Since we have such a diverse group of mentors, students should have no trouble finding someone who can relate to their needs and offer the sort of guidance they are seeking.

Can NSCS students serve as mentors, too?

Yes! In addition to working with a mentor yourself, you can offer to mentor other students as an NSCS member. Usually, peer mentors are students that are a little older or further along in their coursework than mentees. 

Peer mentorship has a lot of benefits for college students. By mentoring other students, you can learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses as a student and as a leader. Explaining certain concepts to your mentee can help solidify them in your own mind. Plus, this is a great way to get to know other students and give back to the greater NSCS community.

What is the NSCS Mentoring/Tutoring Program?

The NSCS Mentoring/Tutoring Program is a separate program from our general student mentorship. This program is a service project that various NSCS chapters are involved with, and which you can choose to participate in as an NSCS member.

Mentor/Tutors meet with high school and middle school students in their local communities. They talk with these students, help them with their coursework, and offer them guidance as they start to consider college or other educational opportunities. 

Service is one of the NSCS Three Pillars. Participating in our NSCS Mentoring/Tutoring Program is a great way to serve your local community and learn more about yourself in the process. Many of our local chapters have Mentoring/Tutoring programs with at least one local school.

What mentoring opportunities come with each tier of membership?

Students at any level of NSCS membership can reach out to and interact with NSCS Alumni Members who have agreed to serve as mentors. Peer mentoring and the Mentoring/Tutoring Program are also available to members at all levels.

If you join as a Premium Plus member, you also get a Guaranteed Mentorship Match through the Alumi program. In other words, NSCS will evaluate your strengths and preferences and recommend a mentor especially for you. This is a great perk of the Premium Plus membership and one that has benefited so many members. Countless NSCS members have been paired with a mentor who still serve as their confidant years later.

The Premium Plus membership also grants you access to one LifeRamp coaching session. This is a good opportunity for some outside, informed mentoring.

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