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NSCS members have access to an extensive network of over 1 million NSCS alumni to help you with guidance as you evaluate your future career. Through NSCS partnerships, you will gain access to the opportunities you’re looking for to begin your successful career path. 

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NSCS offers benefits and resources in this area of internship guidance and accessibility and also a host of other areas to benefit our student members

Specific Internship Programs Include:

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Additional Information on NSCS Internship Opportunities


What are the benefits of college internships?

Participating in an internship during college helps students make the transition into the workforce. Internships give you valuable, hands-on experience in your chosen field, which you don't typically get in a classroom. Many students make connections that eventually lead to a job after graduation. Some end up working for the same companies they interned for, and some for other companies they become connected with by networking as an intern.

As an intern, you can work to improve your communication, teamwork skills, and leaderships skills. You also get a chance to build a resume that stands out to future employers. Some internships are paid, and others earn you college credit.

How does NSCS help with internships?

Finding an internship is not always easy, but NSCS can help. We have a large network of alumni members who work at a variety of companies across the country. Many even own their own businesses. NSCS can connect you with alumni who are looking for interns in your field.

NSCS also encourages members to get involved in local service projects. Through these service projects, members often meet organizers and company owners who have a need for interns.

Keep in mind that NSCS membership will also make you a more competitive applicant when applying for internships. The NSCS Three Pillars are Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. These are three things that companies are often looking for when hiring interns, and NSCS membership can demonstrate that you excel on all fronts.

Does NSCS offer any internship opportunities abroad?

Interning abroad is a great way to build your cultural awareness and learn about international affairs. NSCS is pleased to offer the NSCS-Absolute Internship Scholarship. This is a program offered in collaboration with Absolute Internship.

Students in this program travel abroad to cities including London, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo. There, they participate in an internship in their chosen field. There are more than 800 companies that participate in this program, and internships are offered in 25 different professions. 

NSCS offers the NSCS-Absolute Internship Scholarship to two students per year. Each recipient receives full funding for the experience. 

Does NSCS offer financial assistance for summer internships?

Summer is a great time for students to complete an internship. It's often easier to schedule internship hours when they are not competing with your coursework. To help students fund their summer internships, NSCS offers two Summer Internship Awards each year. Each of these awards is a $2,500 scholarship meant to offset the living costs students incur during a summer internship.

To qualify for this award, students need to be current NSCS members and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Winners are selected on the basis of merit.

Do Regular members get access to internship opportunities?

Yes, internship opportunities are available to students at any of the three tiers of membership. All members also gain access to the LifeRamp Coaching platform, which can help you decide on a career direction and narrow down what type of internship you should look for. Members also get access to the GiftedHire career planning platform, which can help them find and apply for additional, outside internships.

Premium and Premium Plus members enjoy GiftedHire membership at the silver level, which comes with some additional features. Members in these tiers also gain access to The Hub Plus, which lists outside scholarships, some of which can be applied towards internships.

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